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New Single PLENTY LOVE out Dec 17th                  everywhere!!!

Both the single and its album is attached



to a licensed and active gold mine owned by the owner of Olduvai Records.
Olduvai Records is a new gold mining company and music label in Tanzania,
Africa. Olduvai Records’ music is distributed by Sony / The Orchard in New York City. Simply pre-order the PLENTY LOVE single on Itunes Store, Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, etc and email proof of your purchase to  and receive
OLDUVAI RECORDS GOLD CERTIFICATE which allows all music single pre-order buyers as a group to share in 10 percent of the gold mining profits of its attached gold mine in Tanzania Africa for two years time.



Sydaiya Rehema's uniquely cultivated 'urban soul ~ global flare' sound has graced audiences from NYC to East Africa. She's fashioned her melodies to encompass a fusion of Soul/R&B, Hip Hop, Pop, and International concepts to produce an authentic blend of just who she is.

Performing at renowned venues such as SOB’s, the House of Blues, and at the Regional Youth Music Awards in the UK, Sydaiya is reaching ears and hearts alike.  Adding television credits to her name Sydaiya was featured in a commercial on the Viacom/BET Network for their Black Music Month campaign in 2017, and again in 2018 as the face of their Black Girls Rock! award show promo. 

Sydaiya’s rare-air of unique artistry is making an impact on worldwide culture; evidence of her immense conviction, and persevering strength of character. Long may she continue to reach the masses platform by platform, and soul by soul!

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